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Sunset Schedule
For: Harriman, TN
8:49 PM May 29, 2015 (Sabbath Starts)
8:49 PM May 30, 2015 (Sabbath Ends)


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Today 7:00 AM: Devotional Call (865) 643-8844 - May 28, Thu 7:00 AM - Devotional & Prayer Circle: (We invite you to join our...
This Evening 8:30 PM Call (865) 643-8844 Prayer & Dev - May 28, Thu 8:30 PM - Devotional & Prayer Circle: (Daily Conference call) Every...
Bible Study - May 30, Sat 9:30 AM -  Join us as we study Luke.  We welcome you to...
Sermon: Pr. Mike Pethel - Jun 6, Sat 11:00 AM -   Pastor Pethel is scheduled to speak on the 1st &...
Church Board Mtg - Jun 10, Wed 6:30 PM
Sermon: Pr. David Manzano - Jun 13, Sat 11:00 AM - Pastor Manzano is our pastor emeritus, we are blessed by his...
Sermon: Pr. Mike Pethel - Jun 20, Sat 11:00 AM -   Pastor Mike is scheduled to speak on the 1st...

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